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The original Shop Brooklyn started life as a pop-up inside the motorcycle shop in Williamsburg in 2010. It grew quickly as founder and St. Louis native Dan Lyle began cooking barbecue out front on his handbuilt mobile smoker. The idea to open a modern honky tonk/juke joint with a motorcycle shop feel was born.

The new Shop Brooklyn is now located in a 5,000 square foot brick and wood beam warehouse and is Brooklyn’s first real American “BBQ Joint”, featuring a live music venue and the largest on-premise smokehouse equipped to prepare thousands of pounds of meat per day all year round. Conceived through the drive and passion of founder Dan Lyle, The Shop Brooklny is reminiscent of the barbecue and ‘Juke Joints’ found in the American South during the 50s and early 60s.

‘These spots were community-oriented places where the music would be pumping in the back and smoke from the ribs permeated the air. A modern version of this nostalgic setting is what we are bringing to life here in Bushwick. To me it just feels like home.”

Added to the mix is our passion for riding motorcycles carrying over the character of the original Williamsburg bike shop. ‘It’s the physical act of riding and how it makes you feel that we love so much. Hence the slogan “Cook Slow Ride Fast”. It adds a great atmosphere and a very social vibe. But of course, you don’t have to love motorcycles to come here – you just have to love” – Dan Lyle.

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